PomLife at the Nitro Athletics

Nitro Athletics Melbourne – What an amazing event! Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt cruising to a 150m sprint Victory. Up and coming star Riley Day wowing the crowd and @mjenneke93 doing her famous jiggle before representing Australia in the hurdles event.

Back stage seen sipping our PomLife pomegranate juice are some legends of Australian sport – the glamorous Jane Flemming and Melinda Gainsford Taylor, sporting hero Steve Moneghetti and Hawthorn’s midfielder, Nick Holland, to name a few – All taking in the excitement and fun of the event.

Proudly sponsored by Greater Shepparton, PomLife was part of the 3 night event and had the opportunity to share our home grown pomegranate products with the VIPs. With its wonderful taste, variety and health benefits, pomegranates are gaining huge popularity throughout the world, and are known for being the new SUPERFOOD; high in antioxidants, fantastic anti-inflammatory attributes and their really yummy taste(!)

We are so grateful to have taken part in this event. What’s more, having taste tested our pure pomegranate juice, fresh pomegranate arils, freeze dried arils and our amazing pomegranate powder, we’re humbled to have received the tick of approval from some truly wonderful and inspiring individuals.