The word “diverse” can be affiliated as one gets to know Joshua Reuveni; a man who has worn many corporate masks successfully.

Joshua Reuveni

General Manager: Sales & Marketing

The word “diverse” can be affiliated as one gets to know Joshua Reuveni; a man who has worn many corporate masks successfully. As a young professional Joshua’s journey began in Israel where he spent time in IT Engineering. It wasn’t too long before Joshua’s personal strengths and natural capabilities came to notice leading his career to higher pastures in management, managing teams within corporations in software development, business development and project management.

In 2008, Joshua’s passion for the Pomegranate and all its extraordinary health benefits, gave hand for a change in focus, a change in industries ceasing an opportunity in becoming an active, pertinent partner of the APG brand. This was an exciting opportunity to showcase the Pomegranate in a new market. That market being Australia. This with certainty was a thrilling journey Joshua wished to be a part of.

Joshua’s immediate focus was to create a product range that highlighted the Pomegranate and its versatility. As a result and to date, Joshua and the APG team have created a number of “value add” products that can be seen in majority of major food supermarkets. The value add products being the perfect fit for the chefs pantry has also seen an uptake and steady growth in distribution in cafes, restaurants and health food outlets. Ranging from fresh juice, fresh and frozen Pomegranate arils, dried Pomegranate arils, Pomegranate powder and even Pomegranate Sparkling Wine there is very little function of the Pomegranate, the physicality of the Pomegranate fruit that has not been effectively utilised or overlooked by Joshua and his team. Yet another positive attribute of the APG team.

When you ask Joshua what next, his answer is with clarity, certainty and a sound plan. The APG brand will become an established brand in the Australian – Asia Pacific region. The APG brand will be known as a fully integrated high end, high quality food producer and grower strongly affiliated as a premium derivative food product with optimum health benefits.

There is very little doubt that this will not become reality. The marketing team at APG are united in Joshua’s vision, beliefs in all going forward. They are armed with positivity, respect and energy willing the APG brand to permanently hold the market leader position for generations to come.

It’s all in the plan – the Pomegranate will become an everyday household fruit. So get ready Australia as we welcome Nature’s superfood into our homes!

Joshua’s other exceptional skills & attributes;

  • Innovating 24/7
  • The high level “cog” in the wheel, keeping the company ticking over very nicely
  • Passion for everything on-line, there is no such thing as a bad idea
  • Wit, with an awesome dry sense of humour


  • Bachelor Computer Science (Honours), Tel Aviv University
  • Holtz College (Israel), Practical Engineering, Aeronautics